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Bonnafide Chemicals

Laboratory Equipment

  • Zeal Hydrometer

    Zeal Hydrometer

    Zeal Hydrometers are precision instruments manufactured from the highest quality glass tubing especially selected to to be free from stain and other defects. Precisely poised with steel shot sealed in a special wax ensures correct alignment.

  • Vaccum Oven

    Vaccum Oven

    Vacuum ovens are used to remove moisture, gas, and other possibly volatile chemicals from items while preventing reactions. They are often used as the final step in the production process for implantable medical devices,

  • UV Sterlizer

    UV Sterlizer

    Bonnafide chemicals can provides high quality uv sterlizers which can control infection in your water .Usually, aquarium owners go for an internal filter which utilizes a mechanical cleaning framework and active charcoal. Unfortunately, these

  • Table Disintegration Test Apparatus

    Table Disintegration Test Apparatus

    Disintegration Tester is a solid state instrument designed for the accurate estimation of disintegration time of tablets as per IP/USP standards. The instrument is designed to test two batches of six

  • Student Stimulator

    Student Stimulator

    Electrical Muscle stimulation or electrical stimulation uses a relatively low voltage that targets motor nerves in order to stimulation them. Muscle stimulation devices have been advertised to increase muscle strength, to decrease body weight and

  • Serological Water Bath

    Serological Water Bath

    A water bath is laboratory equipment made from a container filled with heated water. It is used to incubate samples in water at a constant temperature over a long period of time. ... Water bath is a preferred

  • Research Microscope

    Research Microscope

    Size : 150mmx200mm, 200mmx250mm, 250mmx300mm

    Application : Forensic Lab, Science Lab

    Weight : 1-3kg, 5-10kg

    Feature : Actual View Quality, Contemporary Styling, Durable, Easy To Use, Good Griping, Power Angle View

    Voltage : 110V, 220V

  • Hot Air Oven

    Hot Air Oven

    Hot air ovens use extremely high temperatures over several hours to destroy microorganisms and bacterial spores. The ovens use conduction to sterilize items by heating the outside surfaces of the item, which then absorbs the heat

  • Four Unit Organ Bath

    Four Unit Organ Bath

    Four unit organ bath : Versatile and complete organ baths. Bath chambers made out of thick Transparent acrylic sheets, chemically welded to make them leak-proof. but with four sets of glass inner vessels. Oxygen tubes, warning coils, fixit levers

  • Digital Wrist Action Shaker

    Digital Wrist Action Shaker

    Certification : CE Certified, ISO 9001:2008

    Application : Industrial

    Weight : 100-1000kg, 1000-2000kg

    Voltage : 110V, 220V, 380V, 440V

    Condition : New

  • Deep Freezer

    Deep Freezer

    Certification : CE Certified, ISO 9001:2008 Certified

    Weight : 100-500kg, 1000-2000kg

    Voltage : 110V, 220V, 380V, 440V

    Condition : New

    Power : 1-3kw, 3-6kw, 6-9kw, 9-12kw

  • Ball Mill

    Ball Mill

    ANALOGICAL BALL MILL  mixing & grinding, electrically operated having capacity of few gms to 1 kg & 2 kg. Fitted with geared Motor with max. Speed of 80 RPM. The jar is made of SS of having steel balls of different size to be put in

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