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Sugar Laboratory Equipment

  • Digital Spectrophotometer

    A spectrophotometer is an instrument that measures the amount of photons (the intensity of light) absorbed after it passes through sample solution. With the spectrophotometer, the amount of a known chemical substance

  • Polarimeter

    A polarimeter measures the direction and extent of the polarisation plane rotation. Depending on the type of instrument, the analyser is rotated manually or automatically until the maximum intensity of the light falls on the

  • Laboratory Water Bath

    A laboratory water bath is used to heat samples in the lab. Some applications include maintaining cell lines or heating flammable chemicals that might combust if exposed to open flame. A water bath generally consists of a

  • Laboratory Mill

    Laboratory mills, used primarily for sample prep prior to analysis, use particle size reduction (comminution) to grind or homogenize wet, dry, hard, soft, elastic, brittle, and fibrous materials. ... Cryogenic mills, or

  • Humidity Cabinet

    To deal with any residual moisture, consider putting silica gel or camphor in your cabinet. You can buy small packs of it—similar to the ones you find in a new shoe box—from packing supplies stores. These little packs

  • Hot Plates

    Standard electric plates will work with all cookware, while induction hot plates can only be used with induction-compatible cookware, like most stainless steel or cast iron. Standard electric plates also

  • Hand Refractometer

    A traditional handheld refractometer is an analog instrument for measuring a liquid's refractive index. It works on the critical angle principle by which lenses and prisms project a shadow line onto a small glass reticle inside the

  • Digital Spectrometer

    A spectrometer is a device for measuring wavelengths of light over a wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is widely used for spectroscopic analysis of sample materials. The incident light from the light source can be transmitted,

  • Digital Polarimeter

    A polarimeter is an optical instrument with which one can accurately measure the angle by which the polarization of light is rotated e.g. when it passes through an optically active medium.

    A polarimeter is a

  • Digital Ph Meter

    The pH meter is basically a high impedance amplifier that accurately measures the minute electrode voltages and displays the results directly in pH units on either an analog or digital display.

  • Automatic Polarimeter

    A polarimeter is a scientific instrument used to measure the angle of rotation caused by passing polarized light through an optically active substance. ... The amount by which the light is rotated is known as the angle of rotation. The

  • Digital Refractometers

    Refractometer measure the degree to which the light changes direction, called the angle of refraction. A refractometer takes the refraction angles and correlates them to refractive index (nD) values that have been established.

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